The studio will be CLOSED TEMPORARILY, and will reopen on Monday 19 July 2021.

The Manacentre has relocated to No 87 True North Mulbarton. Please find the class time on the schedule.

The 18:30, meditation class on a Wednesday has been suspended until further notice.


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As of 1 February 2019: R400 per month for 8 lessons OR R70 per single lesson.

This is regardless of who you do the class with, just inform us if you are a monthly subscriber.


This studio is in existence for 15 years and is purely dedicated to the practice of yoga. Before each session a yajna is made in the old ancient form of offering flowers, the lighting of a candle and the burning of incense.

While this might appear to be a superficial ritual it does introduce a different and more holistic energy to the studio.

Because of an energy of higher awareness, no shoes are allowed in the studio. I am often asked if yoga is a religion and I have to say that it is first and foremost a technique for better living. The principles embraced in the practice of yoga can only lead to a more balanced and tranquil life. A life lived with greater awareness has more meaning as it leads you to greater insights.

I have been priviledged to have been asked to give some talks and yoga at conventions and promotions. Some of the places that I have provided with my services are, Shape Magazine, Edgars, Tiger Foods, Manferresteel. Should you be hosting a conference and be in need of a Yoga Teacher or someone to give a different prespective on life skills and techniques, then feel free to contact me.

My exposure to yoga and subsequent training to be a yoga teacher took place under the auspices of the legendary Kavi Yogiraj Mani Finger. I think of myself as not only fortunate but blessed to have been trained by him.

Yogiraj Mani Finger established the Ishta system which is a completely integrated form of Yoga. It embraces the forms of Hatha Yoga, Kriya and Laya Yoga as well as Kundalini Yoga all rolled into one.

I qualified in 1985 and have been teaching yoga ever since. I subsequently went on to study Sanskrit with the Practical School of Philosophy, as well as the Bhagavad Gita. This brought about a greater understanding of the field I have chosen to work in.

Why do I teach?

I teach because I need to know. Knowledge in itself is superfluous, but when that knowledge is further examined it becomes a knowing and when knowing itself is questioned there follows enlightenment. Does it exist? Why don't you join me and perhaps together we can find some answer.

The 7 Chakras

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Yoga in its finality is about the control of the mind. Upon the undertaking of yoga the mind becomes your mirror, and as that mirror becomes clearer, pure awareness is the result. To reach that control of mind you must master, body, breath and senses.

All yoga techniques and practise, serve as preparation for meditation. Because Ishta yoga (Integral School of Hatha and Tantric Arts), is practiced in the studio there is a vast pool of asanas/postures to do. Often the practice of asanas is in the form of vinyasa. The classes are and hour long. Because yoga is about developing your awareness, postures are corrected but you are never forced into any. I choose not to separate the classes into beginners, intermediate or advanced, because I believe that some incentive should be created for you to want to get better at what you do. So by observing where a asana can be taken, it hopefully makes you work a bit harder on yourself.


Hypnotherapy is the art of suggestion, under altered states of consciousness. Clients are seen on a private basis, therefore it is necessary to book a session. Hypnotherapy is the technique utilizing hypnosis in order to change perceived ideas. For example; one smokes because he believes he is a smoker, or that he is addicted to cigarettes, or the nicotine, when in fact none of that is true, as he was not born that way. In the same way all manner of stress, trauma, addictions, false beliefs, and even some illnesses can be dealt with utilizing this technique. Each client is treated according to his/her problem, which is discussed in depth during the first session. The desensitisation of phobias is also undertaken with hypnotherapy. If the client is comfortable and trusting then the outcome of the therapy is usually excellent For Hypnotherapy a one on one session has to be booked.


Pranayama is the science of breath. Untill you are made aware of it, breathing is involuntary. Breath is Prana Life Force, it is therefore so much more than the chemical cocktail that you inhale. Because of its energy component it immediately affects brain function. It is no wonder the Yogis understood the importance and impact it has on the mind and as a consequence the quality of your life. A portion of the yoga class is dedicated to the exploration of various breathing techniques, and the correction of incorrect breathing. Many asthmatics have found great relief when practicing some of these techniques.


The exploration of different philosophies is the means to awaken a greater awareness of your own truth. Enquiry takes one to new heights of insight. When the light of discrimination shines brightly upon the budhi, then delusion fall away, and moksha, liberation is the result. It is only when there is a stirring in the soul that the need to explore and find the greater truths becomes prevalent.It is for this reason that only a select few indulge in this exercise. Because the Gita is the definitive text on meditation and life skills, the Bhagavad Gita serves as a reference, against which most other philosophies are measured.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the practice of sleepless, sleep, or for that matter, psychic sleep. It is a very deep relaxation technique that works on the marma points and through the chakras, to awaken within you an altered state of awareness. While the body is in a deep sleep the mind is wide awake. The result feels as if you have taken a two week holiday and all this in an hour. Notice of Nidra classes will appear on the notice board in the studio, or under event on the website.

The Satori Process

The Satori process was devised as a means to facilitate the natural flow of energy from the causal self through to the physical self. It utilizes various modalities that opens the koshas/bodies. When there is a natural unrestricted flow of energy, awareness peaks, and it facilitates the power found only in the present. This creates an awareness of the perfection in which your being is held, and pure potential comes to the fore.

Life Coaching

It is also my passion to empower people, to change the way you see yourself. A very large portion of malaise and sorrow is because of contaminated thinking. Buying into others beliefs of who you are, or should be, is never a good place to live your life from. I like to make you discover your authentic self, the person that has infinite possibilities, that love themselves for who they are, and that can say to the world I have arrived. I like to work with young adult woman, as they are the group that feels they have to conform to what the media and their peers, as well as men, want them to be. To me they are the group that has the most potential to change our world.